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Gaming Seats

The OpenWheeler home racing seat simulator

First off, OpenWheeler is mounted in the United States of America and/or the United Kingdom, depending on where you made the order: America (,,, and so on) or Europe (,,, etc.).
Secondly, the OpenWheeler car driving simulator is brought approximately assembled and in ten mins perhaps you might be fit to drive!
In the third place, probably the most important factor, OpenWheeler contains by default the following comfort functionalities you will not stumble on in other video game cockpit simulators such as PlaySeat, GameRacer, GTO Omega Racing, VisionRacer, etc.:
- a bending back
- a railway gliding chair
- front-side wheels (on the pedal plate) for better maneuverability
OpenWheeler also features (as most of the other home driving seat simulators):
- a telescopic navigation wheel system
- an adaptable pedal mount

A flexible back

Not discoverable in other driving car game simulator cockpits on the marketplace. OpenWheeler is one of the pioneers which presented an authentic car driving cockpit offering a foldable back functionality. Harnessing it, you can be seated conveniently, like in a real race car.